What Is CBD? And Our Highly Rated Vegan CBD Products For Mind And Body

Not too long ago this healing herb was seen as somewhat of a terrible taboo, but the calming properties of CBD and its herbal family have blown up the food, drink and beauty worlds, leaving our shelves flooded with THC (the psychoactive element in cannabis) free cannabidiol-based products. Far from causing you to ‘trip-out’ or get ‘high’ the medicinal magic of this natural ingredient has been said to help with ailments from anxiety to aches and pains. With a myriad of extra benefits from soothi

11 crystal beauty products to add magic to your make-up bag

Crystals have been revered for their healing properties for centuries, but until recently they were something you would only expect to find in a spiritual shop alongside tarot cards and incense. As well as holding, wearing or healing with these mystic stones, you can now incorporate them into your beauty regime as pure gem extracts are increasingly being used to add enchanting energy to everyday cosmetic creations. From rose quartz to malachite, the potent properties are now ingrained in produ

19 incredible vegan beauty products you need to try

I’ve been vegan for a few years, and despite making all of the dietary changes speedily, I found vegan beauty a bit of a minefield. Learning that ‘cruelty free’ didn’t necessarily mean vegan and vice versa was a lot to get my head around, but I’ve finally found some favourites that have no animal derivatives or animal testing. It’s a growing maket, too. The NPD Group reported that vegan beauty sales shot up by a mammoth 38% in 2018, and since then vegan beauty has only continued to grow. Here ar

Simple Tips To Achieve The Perfect Self-Tan Glow

'There are so many great vegan and cruelty-free tans available now, the possibilities are pretty much endless' Fake tan used to be synonymous with fluorescent orange streaks, ruined bedsheets, and a distinct Eau De Biscuit scent that would follow you around in wafts like a tell-tale tan groupie. However, self-tanning times have moved on in serious leaps and bounds. When it comes to perfecting an at-home bronzed body or face, there are some fantastic products on the market that will help you lo

The 8 Best Vegan Sunscreens to Protect Your Skin This Summer

It’s not a secret that we are all spending a lot of time indoors at the moment, but that doesn’t mean we can forget about protecting our skin from the Sun’s powerful rays. Even on a dark, grey morning or on a ten-minute coffee break on your balcony, (or actually even via a nearby window), the ultraviolet effects can still cause skin damage. This means SPF should still be an important part of your everyday skincare routine, no matter how much outdoor time you’re actually getting. UVA damage is a

10 Vegan Businesses Delivering to Your Home During the Coronavirus Lockdown —

As everyone keeps saying, we are living in unprecedented times. The coronavirus pandemic has changed our daily lives, slowed everything down and momentarily shut many businesses. But there are still many vegan restaurants, supermarkets and stores that are doing deliveries during the COVID-19 lockdown. Whether you fancy a vegan doughnut, pizza, freshly baked bread, a delicious curry or are in need of toiletries, all these businesses will deliver their products straight to your door, safely. You’

Eco-friendly shower hacks

When it comes to saving the planet, everyone wants to do their bit, but starting can be the hardest part. With our diets, packaging and travel (to name a few) all under scrutiny and subject to global discussion, creating a balance in your life that blends being eco-conscious with being realistic, can seem like a daunting task. Plastic is one of the biggest problem that the planet is facing today, especially single-use plastics. However, there is a lot of awareness also about living a plastic-fr

How to Go Vegan and Stick to It: Veganuary and Beyond —

You are giving Veganuary a go for the month of January and some of you are probably thinking about whether you can make veganism a permanent thing. Going vegan for a month can be quite easy, but how simple is it to be vegan for life? The good news is, with a little information, preparation and organisation, going vegan is a doddle. Vegans are often attacked because we eat ‘fake meat’ in the form of vegan sausages, burgers, steak, ‘chicken’ pieces, and even vegan fish. There are many reasons for

Review: WhiP London - Uber Cool Vegan Hair Salon in the Heart of Hackney —

A short walk from the bustle of Hackney Central station, WhiP London is a gem of a salon that is tucked next to Temple of Hackney (a perfect lunch spot!) in the heart of some cruelty-free culture. The vegan salon is a barber shop, hairdresser and music lounge. WhiP Hackney caters to any cut, colour or style you’re hankering after, alongside some cosy, kooky and stylish interiors and tasty oat milk coffees by day, and local DJ sets and craft beers by night. I went in for a trim and refresh of my

Inside Plastic: How the Ingredients in Your Beauty Products Harm the Planet

Plastic. It’s probably one of the most used words in the sphere of sustainability over the past couple of years. We all know that single-use plastic cups, straws and water bottles are bad news for the environment, and generally the population have gracefully accepted sustainable alternatives that are better for themselves and for the planet. When it comes to plastic within beauty, there has again been a major focus on the packaging of products, the type of plastic used and whether it can be recy

Eating Out: Tasting Sicily - Enzo’s Kitchen, Piccadilly Circus, London

Tucked away in a quiet street near the bustling hub of Piccadilly Circus, Enzo’s Kitchen is an authentic Sicilian eatery that is a peaceful haven from the buzz of central London nightlife. The evening we visited, we were welcomed by a house of incredibly friendly staff, who spoke to us about Sicilian cuisine and provided us with a special separate vegan menu (yay!). Once we had been settled in with an Aperol Spritz and a fresh, fizzy glass of delicious prosecco, we perused the menu and sele

Easy and Multi-Tasking Vegan and Cruelty-Free Summer Makeup and Beauty

Hot days and sticky nights call for minimal makeup effort, especially when you are travelling or having fun at a festival. We have picked our favourite easy vegan summer beauty essentials to make looking good on-the-go that much easier. SPF is essential year-round to protect from those pesky UVA/UVB rays that are seriously damaging to skin, but it is never more needed than when basking in the hot heat of a summer’s day. We love this gorgeous climate veil from Evolve beauty. Not only does it c

10 Vegan Skincare Products for Winter

Reiki infused and jam packed with all natural ingredients, this 100% certified organic skincare brand are all about catering to the soul as well as the skin. Reiki is a concept that is thousands of years old and believed to balance energy flow, so you get the benefits of healing from within, alongside powerful anti-aging ingredients. This night cream is intensely hydrating and perfect for tired or pollution damaged skin. The organic pomegranate oil works to regenerate new skin cells and fight fr

Eating Out: Stem+Glory Restaurant Opens Flagship Branch in London

Founded by Louise Palmer-Masterson, Stem + Glory is a trendy but accessible plant based restaurant that opens its flagship London branch in the new Bart’s Square development near the Barbican on 14 January. Following on from the incredible success of the existing restaurants in Cambridge, this gourmet plant based eatery is sure to win the hearts of vegans and non-vegans alike, with its incredible selection of food, drink and special events. Born from a passion for demonstrating just how great

Lucy Watson Launches 'Feed Me Vegan' Meals Range

First it was Derek Sarno with his delicious Wicked Kitchen vegan range which launched in Tesco at the beginning of 2018, now Made in Chelsea star and proud vegan Lucy Watson has followed suit, debuting her line of plant-based ready meals in Waitrose, Feed Me Vegan. Following on from the success of her two fabulous plant based cookbooks - Feed Me Vegan and Feed Me Vegan for All Occasions - Lucy has made food on the go a dream for any vegan looking for delicious, feel good comfort food in a hurry

16 Beautiful Vegan Shoe Brands and Collections You Need To Know About

Fashion is here to be enjoyed, but the happiest choice is always the kindest. Leather has been sold to consumers as a great ‘natural’ product, but as it is literally skin, it will decompose without unnatural methods, such as ‘tanning’ which uses bountiful preservatives and chemicals. Not only this, but leather is unethical from an animal rights standpoint, and there are ample alternatives to suit all and every need. The kindest thing for animals, humans and the planet, is to search for sustainab
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