Lauren Wigley: My Unexpekted Luxuries

We ask our favourite writers how they add a touch of luxe to their daily routine and elevate the everyday. This week it’s vegan expert Lauren Wigley. One of my favourite ways to fuel up is a classic big brunch. You can’t beat a breakfast sarnie, and even if you’re cutting back on meat this Veganuary, there are so many brands that do a carbon copy of your favourite bacon buttie filling. ‘THIS’ bacon has that perfectly sizzled taste that has turned heads of omnivores and veggies alike. For a hit

Veganuary made easy

With over half a million people signing up to Veganuary last year alone, the challenge of going vegan for the month of January has never been more popular. Vegan lifestyle expert Lauren Wigley tells us her hacks that make giving Veganuary a go as easy as (veggie) pie. Being vegan is basically trying to avoid any animal products whatsoever, such as fur, meat and even silk, but the boost in animal friendly offerings means it’s simpler than you think to start making swaps. Food is probably the fir

Why You Should Wear SPF Every Day: Our Top 8 Vegan Products

We all probably know by now that wearing SPF is incredibly important for our skin. It is perhaps something that used to be saved for sunny vacations but has become the forefront of skin health advice. It isn’t just used for the prevention of serious conditions like skin cancer, but also for the aesthetic impact on skin, such as premature aging and hyperpigmentation that can occur from exposure to the Sun’s powerful UVA & UVB rays. It used to be difficult to find easy-to-use sunscreen that is bot

To Rid the Body of Toxins, Try Lymphatic Massage

You've committed to eating more whole plant-based foods for the sake of your health, but want to lower inflammation, fight toxins, and look for other ways to reduce your chemical load. More and more health-minded athletes and influencers are expounding on the virtues of lymphatic drainage massage, a holistic treatment that is as natural as avocado toast and as old. But what is it, and should you try it? Essentially this method of self-massage can help your skin and muscles expel waste more effi
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