Vegan beauty you need to know

What is vegan beauty? Just like a plant-based plate, vegan beauty simply doesn’t contain any animal products or bi-products, using alternative natural or synthetic ingredients instead. A lot of top tier brands have a serious selection of accidentally vegan products and many cult cosmetics keep it conscious by choice. From blusher to tan or SPF to pimple patches, going green has never been easier. If curated skincare is more your speed, Dermatica is where it’s at. Pick your own prescription with

Want To Avoid The Mile High Bloating Pre & Post Flight?

Sunscreen sorted, bags packed, next stop…bloating? Sadly, a common side effect of travelling via plane, is a stagnant system, potentially leading to swollen limbs, a slow stomach and in worst-case scenarios, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) caused by a lack of circulation. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom, there are plenty of precautions, products and exercises that can help you arrive at your destination with a sunny demeanour feeling light as air and ready to relax. In the run-up to boarding th

Psssst Here's How To Promote Vaginal Health

As possibly one of the most misunderstood body parts, vaginas haven’t always had the airtime they deserve when it comes to self-care and wellness. But in recent years there has been an upsurge in exploring down under with everything from supplements to oils and even the infamous candle a la Ms Paltrow. As much as the product shelf is expanding, the knowledge behind what vaginal health really is and what they require to function on full form can be misunderstood. One fable you have probably all

19 incredible vegan beauty products you need to try

I’ve been vegan for a few years, and despite making all of the dietary changes speedily, I found vegan beauty a bit of a minefield. Learning that ‘cruelty free’ didn’t necessarily mean vegan and vice versa was a lot to get my head around, but I’ve finally found some favourites that have no animal derivatives or animal testing. It’s a growing maket, too. The NPD Group reported that vegan beauty sales shot up by a mammoth 38% in 2018, and since then vegan beauty has only continued to grow. Here ar
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