To Rid the Body of Toxins, Try Lymphatic Massage

You've committed to eating more whole plant-based foods for the sake of your health, but want to lower inflammation, fight toxins, and look for other ways to reduce your chemical load. More and more health-minded athletes and influencers are expounding on the virtues of lymphatic drainage massage, a holistic treatment that is as natural as avocado toast and as old. But what is it, and should you try it? Essentially this method of self-massage can help your skin and muscles expel waste more effi

Lymphatic Drainage Benefits - Drain Drain, Go Away, Don't Come Back Another Day...

You may be familiar with lymphatic drainage via popular face tools such as jade rollers or a classic gua sha, but the benefits of stimulating and draining your lymphatic system can have incredible benefits not just for your skin, but for your whole body and even your mind. Often a manual technique, it is carried out to encourage the flow of the lymph, which helps to reduce puffiness (perfect for hangovers), encourages a strong immune system and due to the therapeutic nature of the practice, can

Upgrade Your Self Care Game With Aromatherapy

There is no question that it has been a difficult time for most of us recently, with unprecedented circumstances cropping up that may lead to additional stress, fatigue or anxiety in our daily lives. Self-care was once a term synonymous with Sunday soaks in the bath or indulgent face masks, but the addition of extra elements that invoke calm and balance are booming in popularity. A recent Mintel study showed that 27% of the UK population are hunting for products that encourage relaxation and 25%

Let's Discuss Gut Health + How It Plays An Essential Role In Your Health + Beauty

Gut health. It’s a buzzing beauty topic that is going nowhere any time soon and for excellent reason. Belly bloat, sluggishness and tired tummies may be the first thing you think of when it comes to gut related issues, but the impact of imbalanced insides have some adverse anatomical side effects from skin problems to stress. Our gut is filled with microorganisms from bacteria to yeasts (also known as the ‘microbiome’), that reside in the digestive tract and keeping these happy is the key to goo

Our favourite every day indulgent skincare saviours

Founded by sisters Sarah and Lauren, By Sarah London was created when Lauren was recovering from Leukaemia and Sarah was struggling to find uncomplicated skincare that would be safe for her to use on her dry, sensitive skin. Deciding to solve the issue by creating skincare products herself, By Sarah London was born. With an ever-expanding capsule collection of products, from hydrating hair oil to decadent cleansing balms, they use the best natural, ethically sourced ingredients to create product

Defeat Deflation With Adaptogens - It's Basic Witchcraft!

The health and wellness industry has seen a meteoric rise in holistic and natural wellness products known as Adaptogens, which aim to boost our health from the inside out. As much as a magnificent moisturiser may help with certain skin concerns, many experts in the wellness field believe that the key to longevity in health and beauty starts from within. When we are stressed, our body is in an almost constant state of ‘fight or flight’ and due to our modern lifestyles, (which typically involves b

Let's Talk Veganism - The Effects On Mental Health Plus Vital Vitamins + Minerals

Veganism has skyrocketed recently, with a fourfold increase over the past 5 years, to approximately 600,000 vegans in the UK and roughly one in eight Britons identifying as either vegetarian or vegan. It can be a fantastic lifestyle choice for many people, whether that’s ethically, for wellness or even for the planet. However, making sure to consume the correct nutrients for your personal dietary needs can be somewhat of a minefield. We look into whether supplementing too little, (or too much) o
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